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Sunday Morning woods ride


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Wed, 09/10/2008 - 21:37Posted by: PedalPushers

Jamis Team Riders riding strong.

Northvale NJ., September 2008 - Just coming off of his Nevada State XC Championship, Jamis “Covert” rider Kenny Burt finished out the season on the podium at the National Mountain Bike Series Finals in Brian Head Utah.

Kenny was riding a new Jamis XCT 5” travel prototype and finished 2nd overall in the Pro men’s Super D event, allowing him to move into 3rd overall in the national series standings.

The course started at 11,000 feet elevation and was a technical mix of single and high speed fire roads. “My XCT was the perfect bike for the course, 5” of travel and a slack headtube angle for stability. I was able to get the power to the course and keep momentum through the rough stuff!” said KMB.

Kenny is a member of an elite group of riders dedicated to the Jamis “Covert” program. A program that provides top pros and select weekend warriors alike an opportunity to test, trash and help rework Jamis bikes to ensure they are ready for prime-time the day they roll onto the dealer’s floor.

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Animal Plastic Pedals

Animal Plastic PedalsAnimal Plastic Pedals

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Lance Armstrong to make a return to Tour De France.

A report from Velo News states that 7 time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong is coming out of retirement. This would be great for road racing. The AP has called and sent text messages but no response from Lance yet. We shall see.

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Torker Adult Tricycle is here

Torker Adult TricycleTorker Adult Tricycle

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Pedal Pushers/ Zimmerman Shoes Training/ Road Ride

Come join ride leader Jeff Brown from Zimmerman Shoes for our first group ride. It will be a moderate pace, 25-30 miles will be the distance. If you have any questions call 410 544 2323.